Module 7 The Photography Institute

Two Part Module – Faux Portfolio & Image Replication.


My Image for Replication was taken By The Fashion Photographer Nico of the model Heather Marks .

The image is studio based & shows the model in a short dress jumping effortlessly showing Movement ,i really liked the fact the image is simple in context yet holds the attention of the viewer ,so it has reached its goal very effectivley ,.
The original image is in B&W and has had post production on it ,i love the feeling this image gives to me,its got a sixties feel to it which i find appealing.

My Image is in the style of the Nico image i did not want to copy exactly but more go with the feeling the image exudes upon us.

I decided i would like to add a little more depth to my image by adding cross shadows which i personally think has improved the depth of the image .

My Image is of the Model Juste Juozaipayte ,we styled in the sixties era also,but i chose color as oposed to B&W as it suits my dress more ,the color of the pink just keeps your eyes moving around the image adding depth with the shadows ,the fact that she is suspended at a point where the shadows converge make this a very dynamic image .

So both images match in styling & compoistion ,but differ in Lighting and final rendering,mine being color the original in B&W.

My goal was to produce an image that gave me the same feeling as Nicos’s Image did ,which i have achieved .

I have lear’nt how to light & realsied that creating imagery like this is not easy ,its very hard to capture an image like this & make it look effortless, Model Direction & Focus is of utmost importance Luckily Juste fully grasped the Idea.

I am aware that alot of people will not like the cross shadows this is a personal choice which i made whilst shooting as i felt it added to the final image ,i used a beauty dish with a 25 degree grid to give natural vignetting from the right front & two low level strip boxes to give the cross shadows.

I personally love this image & feel i have attained what is required from the Assignment & more ,i have realised how difficult imagery can be yet seem so effortless.

This whole assignment has for me been a revelation ,not only has it given me the passion i had but it has channeled me in a direction i now know i was heading but choosing to avoid for fear of rejection .

So in summary i am very pleased with my final image it achieves what i set out to achieve & more ,I also feel that the whole assignement has been for me the most important of all because it has givem me the starting point to take a new journey into Fashion Photography


Description is to google images  & save them with the premise to create your own Faux Portfolio in the Genre you have selected ,& Describe why you chose the images & Which order within the Folio  .






Image 1:- Start of the portfolio a strong image with the clear message of Fashion .This image to me is a perfect image for the start of my fashion Portfolio as it represents all i see in a fashion Photograph ,it holds the attention of the viewer also it is oriented to send the viewer to look further into the book ,left hand page Image.

Image 2:- Continuing the flow of the Portfolio i chose this as it fits with the images i wish to shoot ,it also serves as a message to the viewer that i shoot on location which will re-inforce the viewers confidence in my images ,again in color following the theme i have set.

Image 3:- Is a perfect match for image 2 the dresses are of similar style Red a primary color to go with image 2 ,But showing the Studio enviroment ,Re-inforcing i shoot in a studio as well as Location ,Again showing the type of Fashion Movement i like to Portray ,keeps the theme flowing.

Image 4:-A Powerfull image to show a change in the Portfolio but keeping the theme of color & strong imagery flowing ,this time representing Location work with a view to shooting beach wear ,showing i have Knowledge of Not only Studio but Location & different Genres within my Fashion Pallette,which i think is important to put across ,its my showcase i need the viewer to see what i am capable of .

Image 5:- Ties the theme in Bringing Fashion outside on Location bright colors to re-inforce what has been seen but also keeping within the Portfolio theme i have set myself.

This image also will explain to the viewer that we have concepts as well as being able to carry out Location work in a manner which will bring attention to the image ,it is 4 secends viable which makes it commercially viable ,by Now i hope to have won my client over .
Image 6:- The Last image needs to be as strong as the first image in the Portfolio ,this gives an even Dynamic to the Portfolio,

The image is a beauty shot from fashion so keeping the theme flowing right to the end Holding the viewers attention an image to re-inforce all they have seen also leaving them with an image they will remember but reminding them of the whole Portfolio,(Hopefully),,
I would be very pleased if this was my Portfolio as to me it gives a clear representation of a Fashion Photographer ,giving the type of Fashion I would like to shoot ,also showcasing the fact i am capable of not only Studio ,Location but also the variants i like to shoot ,the types of Fashion i want to shoot .(Shoot the images you want to shoot)and try to improve what you have shot before ,climb the ladder one rung at a time .

The Overall Assignment has proved worth while easy to get through but for me a point of positive recognition as to a positive direction in which to take my Ideas & the passion i have for photography.