David Bailey – The Real Blow Up Documentary


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Dan Eldon & War Photography

Dan Eldon A young 22 year old Potographer Journalist with A passion for Journals & Helping people .
Really worth Watching quite long but well worth it.

The Many Lives of William Klein The iconic Photographer

Great documentary centered around Kleins Work from levaing The Army to present day re-visiting his old stomping Grounds in New-york -Harlem ,His insights into life then .

Well worth a watch Learning how Klein Inspired Photographer Don McCullin.

William Klein’s Film Who are You Polly Maggoo?:- After The Jump

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Gods Ivory

Gods Ivory a photo essay by National Geographic  &  Photographer Brent Stirton,Really hits home with the images showing how the Death of Elephants in Africa is supplying the trade of Ivory in Chaina ,Thailand & area’s of Europe & America.

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Vivian Maier Documentary

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