The old way of life #dorsetlife

Image is part of a series exploring my local county Of Dorset,Getting back to what means more to me in life i am concentrating on what is around me the things i see on a daily basis which i have been overlooking eyes wide shut -You can see more on my Instagram .

In The Rain

Life is not about Waiting For The Rain to Pass

It’s About Learning to Dance in The  Rain

Catching The Moments In-Between.


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Brian Duffy & David Bowie Behind the Image

Brian Duffy who is known as the man who shot the sixties,Was known for his technical capabilities to Fathom out complex issues & deliver the shot no matter what.

David Bowie who is well known as a trend setter in the music & fashion worlds what happens when the two men collaborate ,Well you get the image for Aladdin Sane which has been released with eyes closed & eyes shut This for me is an iconic image from the era which still stands tall in todays digital world ,The technique Duffy used was extremely expensive at the time & has proved to be a Bench mark by which music Photographers go by.

Duffy’s son goes through some of the background information between Duffy & Bowie’s collaborations,The Two men made an enormous impact in the music history and across multiple generations There after. They were both extraordinary artist’s, & leave a legacy behind for future generations to admire, I found the short video interesting I hope you do too.

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The Photography Show 2015

It’s that time of year & I’m Looking forward to attending The Photography Show 2015 at the NEC Birmingham And to Meet-up with old friends ,Which is always a pleasure & to get the low down on whats changed in the last three years .

The Last Show i attended at the NEC was the 2012 Focus on imaging which socially was great such a good vibe ,Hopefully this years show will be as memorable .

I Hope to see you there.

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Photographic Processes Series By George Eastman House

A Great set of videos released by the George Eastman House ,Covering the process of Photography from it’s early stages through to the digital era we are in today.
It’s a great way to have a quick overview of the processes which have evolved over the years relating to the photographic process showing the ways that certain materials & papers have been used for commercial & Private use ,Well worth watching .

Before Photography Chapter 1 of 12

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Harlan Ellison — Pay the Writer

The way the world operates can leave one frustrated at times especially when in your daily life you are reliant upon the business practices of others to be in tune with the Market around them .The Self employed are forever being had over by late pay or no pay ,It can make or break your business no matter how talented you are :-Business is Business So this short video is to the point & what we should all adhere to at the times when un-proffessional Business methods try there hand at milking us & generally behaving in a way they would not want to be treated .”Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself “Was my fathers words something i adhere to .Harlan Ellison True words spoken with conviction from a man who knows how to deliver that conviction.

A Man after my own heart.

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